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We are pleased to present you the latest version of Qinsy with all new features and better performance.

Release Notes
Qinsy 9.2.3
September 28, 2020
1.9 GB


Please contact in order to start using Qinsy 9.

What’s new in Qinsy 9.2?

  • Setup usability
  • Farsounder
  • Multi-vessel coverage monitoring
  • Upload data to GISGRO
  • and many more feedback items from the Qinsy Feedback Project have been successfully implemented.

What’s new in Qinsy 9.1?

  • Qinsy 9 (Standard, Offshore, and Office) users can now launch Qimera Patch Test from the Console! (requires downloading and installing Qimera)
  • New Online storage of data to a second grid.
  • Many more feedback items, check the Release Notes for details!


  • Qinsy 9 requires a new licence file. Email Sales who will be happy to assist.
  • QPS Geodetic Resources (3.0.0) needs to be run before installing Qinsy
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher (included with installation)
  • Windows 64-bit Operating System ONLY (It will not work on Windows 32-bit.)

Database version

As of Qinsy 9.0.0, databases are upgraded and not compatible with previous versions.  The option to create a backups of original DB files will be offered during project startup.

Qinsy 9.0.0 databases are compatible with:

  • Qimera versions 2.0.0 and newer
  • Fledermaus versions 8.0.0 (now available!) and newer
  • NOT compatible with Qarto 3.0.0
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