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Release Notes
Qimera 2.4.1
July 12, 2021
Multibeam processing made easy.

Additional Software

FMGT 7.9.6 - FMGT
March 25, 2021


It is recommended the new QPS Geodetics Package 3.0.4 be installed before Qinsy 9.4 and Qimera 2.4

Qimera 2.4 available now!

  • New tools, including the Cable/Pipe TOP Detection tool for detecting the top of product, generating X-Point listings, cable/pipe analysis and exports
  • Cable/Pipe tracker sensor editor for viewing and editing the raw sensor information
  • Navigation editor for viewing and editing navigation data

Qimera 2.3 has been released!

  • Vertical Shifting tools for single and varying shifts
  • Horizontal Shifting tool to correct for positioning errors
  • Time series shifting, interpolation and extrapolation tools
  • Re-classification tools for LAS/LAZ to set or modify classification at the point level

Mac and Linux versions available for 2.2.5

A new geodetic installer is now available (3.0.3) and recommended to be installed along side the latest Qimera release.


Other Notes:

  • The Linux versions of Qimera 2.0 (and newer) will not work with the Unity graphical shell (commonly used in Ubuntu 16.04 and previous).
  • Qimera 2.0 (and newer) requires the latest QPS Geodetic Package (3.0.0 and newer) in order to work with Qinsy geodetics.
  • Qimera 2.0 uses the same licensing system as the previous versions (1.6 and newer).  Existing Qimera users with a license that is under maintenance will be able to install and run Qimera 2.0 alongside Qimera 1, using the same license.
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