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Fledermaus 8 is here!

We are pleased to present you the latest version of Fledermaus, with an all new 3D Rendering Engine!

Release Notes
Fledermaus 7.9.2 - FMGT
November 21, 2019
262 MB

Supporting software

FMGT 7.9.2
November 21, 2019
FMMW 7.9.0
August 16, 2019


Fledermaus 8.1 now available!

  • Features improved video rendering (4k and 8k!).
  • Fledermaus Free Viewer (replacement for iView4D) now packaged with FM 8.1.
  • Improved mesh creation.
  • Check the Release Notes for more details!

FMGT 7.9.2 (Windows only)

  • Now supports the Kmall format.

FMGT 7.9.1 now available for Mac and Linux!

Fledermaus 8.0

  • This is a complete rebuild of the application with a new user interface and brand new 3D rendering engine!
  • Fledermaus 8.0 is a major change with a large amount of re-organized functionality. Please see the release notes for all the details!
  • While functionality is migrated from Fledermaus 7 to Fledermaus 8, the Fledermaus 7 application will continue to be maintained.
  • Fledermaus 8.0 is released only as a Windows 64-bit version.  Mac and Linux versions coming soon!

Fledermaus 7.8.10, FMGT 7.9.0, FMMidwater 7.9.0

  • FMGT 7.9.0 and FMMidwater 7.9.0 have been updated to use the new QPS Geodetic Package (3.0.0).
  • FMGT and FMMidwater now have their own installers, and are no longer included with the Fledermaus installer.
  • Fledermaus is now compatible and able to build PFM v6.40.
  • Fledermaus 7.8.0 and newer uses a new Licensing system. Purple HASPs will need updating, all other forms will need to be replaced by a Softlock.
  • Only the Windows versions of FMGT 7.9.0 and FMMidwater 7.9.0 are available at this time.
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Supporting Software

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