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Fledermaus 8 is here!

We are pleased to present you the latest version of Fledermaus, with an all new 3D Rendering Engine!

Release Notes
Fledermaus 8.3.2
March 4, 2021
227 MB


Ubuntu users may need to install the libjpeg62 library if they don't already have it

FM8-Viewer now available for Mac & Linux with version 8.3.2!

  • Dynamic Lighting shading option now available
  • Labels improved and added for Points objects

Mac & Linux versions now available for Fledermaus 8.3.1!

  • Can now create copies of surfaces when attaching images or scalar
  • Improved Export to GeoImage

Fledermaus 8.3.0 is here!

  • 3D Device support for Space Navigation and BAT devices
  • Eye-dome lighting for better point cloud display
  • Improved Text Rendering in 3D Scenes
  • Key workflow improvements for users moving from FM7 to FM8
  • Command Line Scripting Tool

New Fledermaus 8, Fledermaus 7, FMGT, and FMMW Releases!

  • Fledermaus 8.2.3 contains numerous fixes, including improvements to grid alignment when importing and exporting surfaces
  • Fledermaus 7.8.11 includes several improvements to the Vessel Manager
  • FMGT 7.9.5 contains a new options for custom geodetic configurations and fixes several bugs
  • FMMW 7.9.3 includes a fix when changing views and zooming
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