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Grounding of the Costa Concordia 


Grounding of the Costa Concordia


After the Costa Concordia made the headlines by running onto a rock off the island of Giglio in Italy, we've received many questions whether this could have been prevented. Now we can't tell what happened exactly on the bridge of the Costa Concordia the night of the grounding, but we have made a small reconstruction based on the

tipAutomatic Identification System (AIS) is a system, where ships transmit their navigation data to other ships for enhanced safety


We used our Qastor Pilotage software to replay the final minutes of the Costa Concordia and show the sort of warnings that are available to the mariner in today's software.

Grounding Costa Concordia.wmv
Grounding Costa Concordia.pdf

update 21-Jan-2012

We have created a more detailed version of the reconstruction. Please note that we have used interpolation to fill in some of the position gaps of the original movie.

Grounding Costa Concordia Interpolated.wmv
AIS Data Analysis Statement.pdf

update 23-Jan-2012

On the 14th of August 2011, the Costa Concordia made a passage close the Island of Giglio. This is a reconstruction of this passage.

Costa Concordia Aug 14 2011.wmv

update 30-Jan-2012

We created a 3D presentation of the incident with Costa Concordia. The movie is created using standard QPS tools such as QINSy and Fledermaus. The data is derived from:

  1. AIS data recorded from the AISLIVE network
  2. A low resolution depth model
  3. A Bing satellite image
  4. A low resolution height model (from CGIAR)
  5. The vessel model purchased from The 3D Studio

Costa Concordia Jan 13 2012 3D Version.wmv



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