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Upcoming changes to licensing - January 2018

QPS is improving part of its product licensing system and this change affects Customers with existing Qimera and/or Fledermaus licences. 

  • Customers with blue dongles, Qimera or FM .lic files on hasp (purple) dongles
    PLEASE READ -  these changes affect you first!

  • Customers with QINSy licences on hasp (purple or red) dongles - these changes are not affecting you immediately

The January 2018 releases of Fledermaus 7.8 and Qimera 1.6 will support only the HASP licence type and/or the new licence system (softlocks) and most importantly these releases will no longer support the Blue (FlexLM) dongles / Node Locked licences.  In other words, if you have Qimera and/or Fledermaus which is under valid Annual Support that uses a Blue dongle / Node Locked licence, then you will need a new softlock licence to use these latest and future releases.

Fledermaus 7.8 is simply Fledermaus 7.7 with the new licensing feature added and there are no other improvements.  Fledermaus 7.8 paves the way for Fledermaus 8.0 expected later this year.

Qimera 1.6 is the latest release of Qimera and as well as the new licensing feature there are many other new features and improvements.


Within the next few weeks QPS will send your softlock licence code which no longer requires a dongle to activate it and so no longer requires the Blue dongle / Node locked licence.  Activation of the softlock requires an internet connection.  The softlock licence code will be valid for 30 days so you have time to trial the latest release and also to return your Blue dongle to QPS or a QPS regional reseller.  Lastly, we'll ensure you receive an equivalent softlock to your former licence.

Features of our new licence system:

  • No 'blue' dongle required
  • Licence can be activated and deactivated on different computers (single use or multiple user depending on your licence), this requires an internet connection.
  • The softlock licence will require internet connection at least every 90 days.  If you have a closed server without internet connectivity or you work outside internet connectivity for over 90 days you will need to ask for a dongle upgrade (blue dongle swap to HASP dongle) to use the latest Fledermaus and Qimera releases.

The new licensing system is also in place in the January release of QINSy, but this change will NOT affect QINSy users and they can continue to use their HASP dongles.  Having the new licensing system in QINSy means that it can also now support a softlock licence.  For the next while, we will be focusing on migrating Fledermaus and Qimera users to the new licensing scheme.  After this, we will look to migrate QINSy users who are interested in softlock activitation to the new system with an "on demand" approach.  There are currently no licensing changes in our other products Qastor (already supported by softlocks) and Qarto.

For further questions please contact your local QPS office - or 


Jan 2018 - Upcoming Licensing Changes



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