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The Hydrographic Society of America - 25th May 2017

On 25th May (Thursday) beginning at 6:30pm, the THSOA-WCC invites you to an informal gathering of Hydrographers in Portland, Oregon at the Kennedy School.

The focus of this event is to unite all involved in hydrography (directly or peripherally). It is informal and social in nature.

Kevin Tomanka: OARS Upcoming trends in Data processing
This will be an expanded version of one of the 5-minute "Lightning Talks" from U.S. Hydro.

Harold Orlinsky: Hypack Seamless bathymetry with topography
Creating a near seamless survey using a multibeam and Lidar in the port of Malta.

Moe Doucet: QPS Cooperative Cleaning – Qimera v1.5
We've talked to clients about their experiences with multi-user workflows in other software applications. What we've found generally is that existing solutions are overly
complex, unstable, unwieldy and fail to bring value to the end client. The dream of multiuser has yet to materialize.
Qimera Cooperative Cleaning and Production Line Processing address these issues in multi-user workflows by providing a set of simple tools that separate workflows to
respect the natural progression of data refinement. It also leverages the skill sets required of users at various stages of processing, data validation and product generation.

Carol Lockhart and Ben Hocker: GDS Bathy/Topo Lidar Surveys to Monitor the Replenishment of the Elwha River Estuary and Coastline
Brief overview of airborne bathy/topo lidar surveys conducted by Geomatics Data Solutions for the USGS on the Elwha River near Port Angeles, WA.

Dylan Bedortha: SonTek TBD

Stephan Ryshkewitch: USACE/Portland Remote High Resolution MBES & LiDAR Surveys – Carver Lake
A complete multibeam bathymetric system and LiDAR kit together with boat is hiked into a remote alpine lake in Oregon.

Lou Nash: Measutronics THSOA Education Database Overview
A geographic database is being developed in an effort to better promote educational opportunities offered by THSOA and its membership.

Andrew Ziegwied, ASVGlobal ASV Supported Commercial Hydrographic Survey - Alaska, 2016 & Andrew Orthmann, Terrasond

A Hydrographic Survey case study for the C-Worker 5™ operating as a force  multiplier near Nunivak Island, Alaska. The C-worker 5™ completed 2275 nautical miles of survey lines, running parallel to the Q105.   

Please register HERE before May, 15th. Registration is important so that sufficient food and beverages may be ordered in advance.




May 2017 - Hydrographic Society, West Coast US


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