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QINSy Release 8.12 (2016.03.21.1)

There is a new QINSy release available for download from our website for the clients with a valid Annual Support agreement.

Please study the "Release Notes" before installing the new version. In case you have difficulties downloading, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Likewise, this is a good opportunity to consider organizing a Training with QPS, so please do not hesitate to contact our sales team to discuss your requirements. In this version many bugs have been solved. In addition the following major and minor changes have been made, moreover new drivers are added to the library to support more devices.

Key changes:

Version Numbering Changes

In previous QINSy versions the numbering would start with 8.10 and then include the date. As from this version we will continue with a system whereby each release will get a unique number without the date. This is done to create a unified numbering across all our products. This version will be referred to as 8.12.0. During a new installation the folder that will be suggested for installation will be QINSy 8.12, for existing installations this will upgrade using the existing folder.


New Line File Format 

For this version we have completed implementation of our new file format with the file extension QGF. This replaces the Mapping file format with file extension PRO (native Trimble Terramodel format). In some places there is now support for both old and new format. The old file format can still be imported. The new file format allows for setting Line Styles such as dashed, dotted and solid and also to set the line Width. The planning of survey lines needs to be done in the Processing Manager, and here it is also possible to import the PRO file format. Note, the Linedatabase Manager utility is still part of the distribution but cannot store the data in the QGF format, and works only with the PRO file format.  


QINSy Online, Support For Dynamic Surface Gridded Data Files

For a fast workflow to process multibeam data the option to create a Dynamic Surface has been added to the grid file formats in the QINSy Session Setup. When a Dynamic Surface file is created online, then there is no need to create a Dynamic Surface when the project is opened in Qimera (potentially a significant time saving depending on the size of the data files in the project). Also, a Dynamic Surface  created in Qimera can be used by QINSy Online. The Dynamic Surface can also be used in the Processing Manager. There is a known limitation with respect to a normal Sounding Grid file format in that it is only possible to have one layer and thus it is not suitable when more than one layer is needed. 

BAG File Format Export Added To The Processing Manager

An export to the BAG file format is now possible from the Processing Manager. This export also needs a number of meta data fields and the user interface to enter the meta data is available in the export dialogue.

 Linetool Changes

The Create tool of the line planning options in the processing Manager has been changed to a single button that can create waypoints, lines and routes. Depending on the number of left mouse clicks determines whether a point, line of polyline is created, and the create action is closed with a right mouse click. The Edit tool also has been changed and has options to select all object types from a file or via a drop down menu.

INT2 Border

The INT2 nautical chart style border has been added to the Plot options of the processing Manager. This chart border is only available in the Plot Settings when:
- the used projection is a Mercator
- the plot box is not rotated


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