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Fledermaus 7.5 Release 

Release 7.5.1 now available 

With the introduction of Qimera as our primary processing and editing package, Fledermaus moves towards a new set of functionality while building on the visualization core of the application. The 7.5.0 release of Fledermaus introduces a number of new object types that sets the foundation for a new set of tools. The new Image Collection and Video objects allow a direct connection to repositories of geo-referenced images and time tagged videos from within the application. As you progress or change the current time in your Fledermaus scene, the corresponding image or video will be displayed. These objects can be used by themselves or can directly support the new Pipeline Object which is a fully interactive object for analyzing, visualizing, and reporting on subsea pipelines surveyed with a multibeam sonar. Complementing the new pipeline object are a number of new controls including a direct KP control for advancing along the pipe, a new timeline display and a series of eventing tools for both creating and reviewing events. 

In addition, Fledermaus 7.5.0 and an accompanying iViewd4D also introduces:

  • Ability to build a Dynamic Surface object from all supported un-gridded data types 
  • New dynamic point clouds that can be displayed from QPD files that are built into a Dynamic Surface object
  • Quick importing of a vessel / rov / auv (as a 3D model) and a navigation track for the object
  • Batch filtering for feature detection in FMMidwater (SeepHunter)
  • New in iVew4D is functionality (interactive profiling and geo-picking) that provides more analysis ability. Handy when distributing your data with this free Fledermaus Scene viewer!

As mentioned, this release of Fledermaus introduces a number of new object types that sets the foundation for a new set of  projects where Fledermaus can be used, and of particular significance is the support of the Dynamic Surface object with the link to the underlying Point Cloud - a dynamic surface object provides significant advantages over working with a standard static SD grid, including the ability to handle much larger areas.


New pipeline object in a Fledermaus scene with a cross profile along the pipe. 


Dynamic point cloud extracting data from a fixed area around the pipe object. 

Illustrates the Image Collection object, dynamic point cloud, and the pipe object. 


This Fledermaus release is available for download from our website for the clients with a valid maintenance agreement. Please study the "Release Notes" before installing the new version. In case you have difficulties downloading or installing, please do not hesitate to contact us. Likewise, this is a good opportunity to consider organizing a Training with QPS, so please do not hesitate to contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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Fledermaus 7.5 Release

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