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Efficient Coastal Mapping 

QPS client, Washington State Department of Ecology describe in this article how they efficiently collect high resolution multibeam data in important ecologically productive and important zones along the Washington State Coast.  Using QPS QINSy to acquire the dual head R2Sonic 2022 multibeam systems data and QPS Fledermaus software to process, visualize and create the final products.

A cooperative effort — among the Washington State Department of Ecology, Universal Sonar Mount Inc., R2Sonic LLC, and Quality Positioning Services BV (QPS) — provided a solution to maximize seafloor coverage and survey efficiency in very shallow water up to 1 m below the sonar heads.


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The Washington State Department of Ecology Coastal Monitoring & Analysis Program crew conducts a DHDM multibeam survey aboard the R/V George Davidson; the R2SONIC sonars are deployed from the port and starboard aft quarters of the vessel.


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Amanda Hacking operates the R/V George Davidson during a multibeam survey.


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Above (top): Oblique aerial view of the Port Gamble Bay Mill Site, targeted for environmental cleanup with removal of shoreline and in-water structures, pilings, and submerged debris. (Bottom): CMAP’s combined boat-based lidar and multibeam survey of the same area.


For the full article, thanks to xyHt see; Dual-Head Sonar Mapping.pdf


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