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Fledermaus 7.6 is released today containing significant new features and updates to pipeline processing, ArcGIS connectivity, backscatter processing and sharing features.

 Fledermaus 7.6 contains many improvements to the link to ArcGIS. It is now possible to Update as well as Add and Append into an SSDM. Fledermaus interpretation objects now can be pulled in from Arc, updated then pushed back to a geodatabase, respecting geodatabase schema established. An object created from contouring now has the same default fields as are created when a object is transferred to an ESRI line feature class for contours.

 For pipeline and cable surveys KP and DCC is now calculated for new pipelines, events and can be displayed, edited and shown with active pick. It is also possible to alternate between time line and KP for event viewing. Along with the increased functionality it is now possible to import in one go, all the multibeam, laser, video, events, images, pipeline and ROV/AUV track for one pipeline survey into Fledermaus. This significantly speeds up the data processing workflow.

 Multi-spectral backscatter processing is now possible with the R2Sonic 2026 multibeam sonar. It pings in successive frequencies at 100, 200 and 400 kHz. FMGT then picks a specific frequency to process at a time. Each frequency reveals different information about the seabed and so with one pass it is possible to get three different views on the seabed sediment. This is a giant leap forward in multibeam backscatter acquisition and processing.

 There is a new tool for Intra-Vessel Normalisation which estimates the calibration DB offset between different multibeam systems on different vessels to create a seamless backscatter mosaic.

 3D PDFs are now available for creation from surfaces, which provides an excellent means of delivering data to clients and other end users. The 3D PDF is more limited than dedicated software so grids may need to be cropped or resolution changed to enable them to be used in a 3D PDF.


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