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QPS Client Spotlight: Schmidt Ocean Institute

About Schmidt Ocean Institute

Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) is a private non-profit foundation established in March of 2009 to advance the frontiers of ocean research and exploration through innovative technologies, intelligent observation and analysis, and open sharing of information.  

The foundation maintains and operates the R/V Falkor as a technologically advanced scientific platform suitable to support multidisciplinary oceanographic research and technology development. They provide collaborators with free access to R/V Falkor with her on-board research facilities and expert technical support in exchange for a commitment to openly share and communicate the outcomes of their research, including the raw observations and data.

How Schmidt Ocean Institute uses QPS Software

SOI has been a Fledermaus client since 2012, and in July of 2015 became one of the earliest adopters of the QPS bathymetry processing software, Qimera. The scientists and technicians that collect data on the R/V Falkor have used Fledermaus primarily to process multibeam data from scientific surveys. The models are then used to evaluate geologic processes, measure features, and make decisions on-site for continued multibeam survey planning and dives with remotely and autonomously operated vehicles. The data is always processed on board to get a first-look at features and evaluate data quality. Backscatter and water column data are also commonly processed with FMGT and FM Midwater. The team hopes to migrate the multibeam processing to Qimera in order to streamline their workflow and allow more time for analysis. One particular benefit of Qimera is that it is easy to learn, and therefore easy to teach—which works well on board the Falkor because new scientists and students are constantly coming and going from the vessel. The mapping data collected on the R/V Falkor can be found here on the National Geophysical Data Center website, available for anyone to access and download. 

To learn more about the Institute and the vessel, visit


R/V Falkor. Credit: SOI/Monika Naranjo Gonzalez

A perspective view of an unidentified mound in the Equatorial North Pacific at 3x exaggeration in Qimera 3D editor. This data was collected as an ancillary project on the current oceanographic cruise, Mixing Up the Tropical Pacific. Credit: SOI/Colleen Peters


A 3D perspective of Kroenke Canyon, Ontong Java Plateau, in Fledermaus. Credit: SOI/Tomer Ketter 

A scientist processes the multibeam backscatter data with FMGT. Credit: SOI

Thanks to Colleen Peters for providing the content.


QPS Client Spotlight: Schmidt Ocean Institute



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