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The QPS Fledermaus suite of software provided processing, visualization, and analysis tools that were vital to this project. According to Jim Nash, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for TerraSond Ltd.:

Derisking uncertainty encountered when using geophysical tools to study the seafloor and subsurface is an important part of offshore oil and gas exploration.  Multibeam system deliverables such as acoustic backscatter, bathymetry and water column data along with seafloor geochemical and heat flow measurements are used in frontier basin exploration to help focus gravity cores onto targets to provide direct evidence of the presence of effective and generating petroleum systems.  The use of ground truth data is particularly important in frontier regions that include prospects with sparse 2D and little to no 3D seismic imaging data as critical decisions should not be based on interpretative methods. The added value of these methods and datasets described is relatively low cost, and it’s the holistic understanding of these integrated datasets that assists in reducing uncertainty, and therefore reduced risk in exploration.


Thanks to the crew and scientists of the R/V Atlantis during AT21-02, particularly Cindy Van Dover. Thanks to Bill Chadwick, Susan Merle, Daniel Price and Evan Robertson from NOAA, Erin Heffron, Lindsay Gee, and the staff at QPS, and Bramley Murton (NOCS). A special thank you to Dan McGinnis for providing us with a copy of the single bubble dissolution model SibuGUI. Thanks to Jingqiu Huang for discussion of acoustic imaging and Julia Wellner for organizing a full semester of gas-hydrate related talks at UH. We would also like to thank John Casey and an anonymous reviewer for their support and constructive comments that significantly improved this project.


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