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Comment: 20160415_AcademicLicences (qps)
QPS supports educational licences QPS actively supports academic research institutes and educational centres worldwide supplying QINSy, Qimera and Fledermaus software to support learning and research …
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Comment: 20160420_Loch_Ness (qps)
Qimera & Fledermaus process and visualise Nessie! QPS took part in a survey with Kongsberg Maritime using Kongsberg’s latest AUV MUNIN in Loch Ness, Scotland. The survey was to prove or disprove the e…
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Comment: 20160426_CTBTO (qps)
QPS software used for Crozet Islands mission. QPS business partner Mesuris was involved in this cable route survey for CTBTO.  Their video shows how QINSy and Fledermaus software were successfully use…
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Comment: 20160506_webinar20160427 (qps)
Acoustic Processing & Visualisation Webinar available This webinar from 27th April 2016 discussed a simple and effective cross-product workflow utilizing powerful tools for fisheries acoustic applicat…
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Comment: 20160526_WobbleAnalysisPaper (qps)
QPS Wobble Analysis Paper from CHC QPS chief scientist Dr Jonathan Beaudoin's paper given at last week's Canadian Hydrographic Conference about Qimera's unique Wobble Tool is now available below. The …
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Comment: 20160603_Sneak Peak (qps)
Qimera "Happy 1st birthday" & sneak peak of vn 1.3.... Qimera is 1 year old today!  In it's first year, we’ve had 17 releases, 3 of  which were major feature releases, with another major feature relea…
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Comment: 20160614_Uni_Laval (qps)
QPS supporting Canadian Academics  QPS is pleased to announce our support for Academic Partnerships with institutions focused on Educating and Training the next generation of Hydrographers.  During CH…
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Comment: 20160629_Fledermaus 7.6 (qps)
Fledermaus 7.6 Release  Fledermaus 7.6 is released today containing significant new features and updates to pipeline processing, ArcGIS connectivity, backscatter processing and sharing features. Flede…
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Comment: 20160629_Qimera 1.3 (qps)
Qimera 1.3 Release We are pleased to announce that we’ve released Qimera 1.3 today.     Qimera 1.3 full release notes can be downloaded here.  Ready to purchase Qimera or have questions? Contact our s…
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Comment: 20160711_QINSy release 8.14 (qps)
QINSy Release 8.14  There is a new QINSy release available for download from our website for clients with a valid Annual Support agreement.  Please study the Release Notes before installing the new ve…
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