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Comment: 20171009_IPMA
Portuguese Institute for Sea & Atmosphere  Portuguese Institute for Sea & Atmosphere (IPMA) have chosen to purchase Qimera and Fledermaus software to use with their current workflow. IPMA quoted "Qime…
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Comment: 20171212_TuDelft
New Automatic SV Correction Tool in Qimera 1.6 Automatic Sound Velocity Refraction Error Correction Tool coming with Qimera 1.6. QPS has worked together with the Technical University of Delft (TU Delf…
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Comment: 20171214_QPS Supports Americas
QPS support in North America Introduction QPS have increased their support capabilities in the Americas region.  From our office in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada there are now support specialists…
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Comment: 20180111_Ghent University
Ghent University: Department of Geography CREST- project: Climate resilient coast Approximately 250.000 people live in the low-elevation coastal area polders at the Belgian coastline.  The Belgian coa…
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Comment: 20180122_licence changes
Upcoming changes to licensing - January 2018 QPS is improving part of its product licensing system and this change affects Customers with existing Qimera and/or Fledermaus licences.  Customers with bl…
Comment: 20180130 - Qastor move
Qastor Move Phase Out Qastor Move is a companion to the Qastor desktop application that allows you to view essential vessel navigation information on your IOS mobile device. Qastor Move for IOS is a 3…
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Comment: 20180323_Nautilus
Nautilus Marine Service GmbH becomes QPS reseller QPS has signed Nautilus Marine Service as new reseller for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Nautilus Marine Service GmbH is a German company that was…
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Comment: 20180517_QPS Subscriptions
QPS Introduce Yearly Software Subscriptions QPS are pleased to introduce yearly subscription licenses alongside existing perpetual licenses.  Yearly subscription licenses are offered for QINSy, Qimera…
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Comment: 20180518_Qastor 2.502018.05.09.1
Qastor™ Version 2.50.2018.05.09.1 - 18th May 2018 The Qastor team is committed to providing you with great support and updates, and we're pleased to announce the latest update Qastor Version 2.50.2018…
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Comment: 20180605_Qimera3rdBirthday
QPS Celebrates Qimera’s 3rd Birthday! Qimera has grown considerably in the three years since its launch in June 2015.  With cutting-edge and advanced functionality, combined with absolute simplicity a…
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