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Comment: 20161103_FM_7.7
Fledermaus 7.7 Release  Fledermaus 7.7 is released today containing significant new features focusing on improving five key areas of functionality: The pipeline specific tools introduced in Fledermaus…
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Comment: 20161121_Wobble_Analysis
Transitioning Research to Operations: The Case of Wobble Analysis Please see here to read the published paper by Jonathan BEAUDOIN, John E. HUGHES CLARKE and Maurice DOUCET Transitioning Research to O…
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Comment: 20161213_HolidaySchedule
The table below includes the working hours of QPS offices during Christmas and New Year's.  If you require urgent technical assistance during the holiday period there will be limited Sales & Support s…
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Comment: 20170119_Qastor release
New Qastor release 2.50.2017.01.17.1  Qastor release vn 2.50.2017.01.17.01 is released today containing significant new features. Please see here for full release notes.  To download this newest Qasto…
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Comment: 20170119_Schmidt Ocean Institute
QPS Client Spotlight: Schmidt Ocean Institute "Eyes Below the Surface" In the last few years, various U.S. Marine National Monuments located in the Pacific have been expanded to approximately four tim…
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Comment: 20170125_QINSy 8.15 webinar
QINSy 8.15 webinar recording If you missed our QINSy 8.15 webinar, please follow this link to view our recording.   Webinar contents "What's new in 8.15" Newly added Drivers ADCP Support Sub Bottom Pr…
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Comment: 20170319_TESME
TES Survey Equipment Services LLC as QPS Reseller   10mar2017 - Abu Dhabi based TES Survey Equipment Services LLC signs as QPS Business Partner for UAE territory QPS BV and TES Survey Equipment Servic…
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Comment: 20170327_Qimera 1.5.0 Cooperative Cleaning video
Qimera 1.5.0 release due early April 2017 Qimera 1.5.0 Cooperative Cleaning video Ahead of release of Qimera vn 1.5.0 due early April 2017 we can share a new video demonstrating Cooperative Cleaning; …
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Comment: 20170509_QINSy training using Bridge Navigation Simulator
QINSy training using Bridge Navigation Simulator Plymouth University has started to use their full Bridge Navigation Simulator to train the students on the Hydrographic Survey course in QPS QINSy acqu…
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Comment: 20170515_FM showing Brexit
Using Fledermaus to visualise Brexit 1.0! Fledermaus was recently used by Imperial College, London where researchers found evidence of how ancient Britain separated from Europe, which happened in two …
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