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Comment: 20141203_ClientSpotlight_PTFVozrozhdenie
QPS Client Spotlight: PTF "Vozrozhdenie" A local company with World Class experiences Underwater engineering company PTF "Vozrozhdenie" was established in 1990 and since then has been active in pipeli…
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Comment: 20150120_ClientSpotlight_UniversityofSouthampton
QPS Client Spotlight: University of Southampton Tackling global issues The STELAR-2S2 Project (School of Geography and Environment) STELAR-S2S is a multi-institutional project, led by the Geography an…
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Comment: 20150209_ClientSpotlight_Geovisie
QPS Client Spotlight: Geovisie Innovative positioning Established in 2000, Geovisie is a knowledgeable land and marine positioning company based in the Netherlands (Arkel). Their core business is supp…
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Comment: 20160120_BibbyHydro
QPS Client Spotlight: Bibby HydroMap Established in 1997, Bibby HydroMap provides a range of hydrographic, geophysical, geotechnical and ROV survey services to clients mainly from the oil and gas, off…
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Comment: 20161110_BGR
Federal Institute for Geoscience & Natural Resources, Germany (BGR)  Project INDEX: Indian Ocean Exploration on polymetallic sulfides For the exploration work in the Indian Ocean, BGR is using a deep-…
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Comment: 20170119_Schmidt Ocean Institute
QPS Client Spotlight: Schmidt Ocean Institute "Eyes Below the Surface" In the last few years, various U.S. Marine National Monuments located in the Pacific have been expanded to approximately four tim…
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Comment: 20170209_Petroslav
QPS Client Spotlight: Petroslav Hydroservice In January 2017 the Russian hydrographic company from St. Petersburg LLC "Petroslav Hydroservice” celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of its existence and…
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Comment: 20171109_Groningen Seaports
QPS Client Spotlight: Groningen Seaports Groningen Seaports is the port authority for Delfzijl, Eemshaven and the adjoining industrial sites.  Groningen Seaports provides a complete package of port se…
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