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Comment: 20120117_QinsyFledermausWorkshop
Jan 2012 - Free QINSy / Fledermaus workshop + training US We at the new QPS-US invite you to join us for our first US workshop to be held in Houston, Texas on January 17, 2012, to be followed by one d…
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Comment: 20120220_ShallowSurvey2012Wellington
Feb 2012 - Shallow Survey 2012 Wellington       {use-layout:events} flagNewZealand16.pngFeb 2012 - Shallow Survey 2012 Wellington    
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Comment: 20120222_EsriFederalGISConference
Feb 2012 - Esri Federal GIS Conference QPS will be attending Esri Federal GIS Conference February 22–24, 2012       {use-layout:events} flagUsa16.pngFeb 20…
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Comment: 20120229_FledermausDevelopmentUpdateWebinar
Feb 2012 - Webinar Fledermaus Development Update This webinar will be the first in a regularly scheduled series of development updates for the Fledermaus Suite. Danny Neville, Fledermaus Development M…
Comment: 20120418_QINSyFledermausIntegration
Apr 2012 - Webinar QINSy-Fledermaus Integration Streamlined Bathymetric Workflow from Acquisition to Processing and Products Last month (March 2012), QPS released Version 7.3.2 of the Fledermaus Suite…
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