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QPS Support Ticket System

The QPS Support Ticket System is used to log all support questions, reported bugs and feature requests (feedback). To be able to login into the QPS Support Ticket System you need a login. A request for login can be made here.

Once you have received an email with your login details, the QPS Support Ticket system can be found at the following URL:

You can now access our support system using your smartphone by browsing to the same URL above on your device.


To be able to login into the QPS Support Ticket System you need a login. A request for login can be made here

With a login you will be able to manage tickets you have created as well as the tickets created by people working for the same company. 

Create a Ticket

Use the create button in the top right corner to create a new ticket.

 Please create a ticket for each individual question, bug or feedback.

A new window will open with a list of fields to fill out. 


It depends on your licenses which projects you will have access to. Please select the appropriate project. This could be QINSy Support, Qastor Support, Qloud Support or Fledermaus support.

Issue type

A Ticket could either be a Question, Feedback or Bug. 

QuestionHow does certain functionality in software works.
FeedbackIdeas for new functionality or changes in existing functionality.
BugErrors and crashes in the software.



Just give a very short summary of the ticket. This is similar to the subject field of an e-mail. 


Give a description of the problem you encounter or the question you have. 

Steps to Reproduce

In case of a Bug please tell us which steps need to be taken to reproduce the error or crash. Either in text, pictures or movie. 

Expected Results

In case of a Bug, please tell is what you expected to happen. 

Affects Version

It is very useful to know in which version you encounter problems. Just start typing the CD version number. e.g. 8.10.2012 etc. and automatically a list will be generated from which you can pick the appropriate version number. 


While QPS attempts to respond to all issues in a timely manner, critical issues i.e. issues that stops you from continuing your work (Blocker, Critical) do take priority.

The support team is at your service at the following times:

Central European Time (Europe): Monday-Friday from 0800 till  2400

Mountain Standard Time (North America): Monday-Friday from 0000 till 1700

BlockerSevere problem or question which stops you from continuing your work completely.
CriticalSevere problem or question, endangers production continuity.
MajorSevere problem or question. There is a work around available so the work can continue.
MediumProblem or question. There is a work around available so the work can continue.
MinorProblem or question which does not have any effect on the production.
TrivialCosmetic problem like misspelt words or misaligned text.
UndefinedPriority not yet determined


Windows Version

Select which version of MS Windows you are currently running.

Dongle ID

For QINSy, Qastor and Qloud enter your dongle number or the HASP id which can be found in the HASP loader. 

The HASP Loader is one of the QINSy utilities which can be found in the lower part of the QINSy Console.

Time Zone

Enter the time zone of the area where you are currently working. 

Security Level

This field will be automatically set. This will prevent other users from seeing your tickets. 


Enter vessel or project name. This makes it possible to create an overview of issues for a single project or vessel. 


It is possible to attach documents, pictures and data to a ticket.

For new tickets there is an option to attach files on the third tab of the create issue.


Add attachments/screenshots in a created issue

To attach a file or a screenshot use the buttons at the top of the page in an already created ticket.

A more advanced option is to integrate your screenshots in your text (the description or your comments.

  1. Attach a screenshot
  2. in the text use the following code to integrate the picture



Be aware the max. size to upload is 20 Mb. For larger files please add this to your description of the ticket or add a extra comment. We will provide you with the login details for our FTP site.

Please add a comment to your ticket after uploading the files so the QPS Support Team is aware that some data is posted on the FTP site and ready to download.

Add comments

It is possible to add new comments to existing Tickets. For example when you have new information or an additional question regarding the same ticket. 


Once a ticket is created it will receive the status New. The ticket will go through a series of statuses before the issue will be closed. 

In case the status is set to Waiting for Customer action is required from the person who reported the issue or one of his colleagues. Just add a comment and if required attach requested data. 

At all times you can close the ticket in case the problem is solved in the meantime. 

Edit a Ticket

In case the wrong information is entered while creating a ticket it is possible to edit most of this information. Just click on the field and change the content. Be aware you need to 'accept' the change. 

Email Notifications

Email notifications will be send by the system to the reporter. These notifications contain a link to the ticket and a description of the last taken action on the ticket. For example the last added comment.

The first notification received by the reporter is a e-mail with a notification on the ticket creations including the content of the ticket and a link.

Notifications will also be send when comments are added or edited, tickets are closed, reopened or when a QPS support Team member started working on the Ticket.

Set some rules in your email system on these notifications to automatically move them to a separate folder to keep a nice overview on all the notifications received.


Notify other people
Example A:

A ticket is created by employee A. He also wants employee B and C to be informed on this ticket. All work for the same company.

Option 1: employee B and C also have a login to the QPS Support Ticket System. The reporter of the ticket (Employee A) simple forwards the email notification to employee B and C. They log in into the system and set a watch on this issue. After a Watch is set they also will receive email notifications of this ticket. They also have the option to add comments or attachments to the ticket.  

Option 2: employee B and C do not have access. They could request a login. If they are not entitled for a login due to company policies the other employees could be kept up to date by the reporter. The reporter could forward all the notification emails to employee B and C.

Example B:

A ticket is created by employee A. He also wants a person from another company to be informed on this ticket.
As only people working for the same company have access to the tickets created with a security level set for this company, the other person will not have access to this issue. It does not matter if he has access to the QPS Support Ticket System or not.
In this case the only option is forward the email notifications to this person.


Watch Tickets

Notifications will be send to the reporter of the Ticket. If you want to be notified on Tickets of which you are not the reporter, you could set a so called watch on these tickets. Watchers will be notified as well.
To set an watch on a Ticket, open the ticket and click on the little envelope at the right side of the screen.

Problems with the QPS Support Ticket System

If you encounter problems with the QPS Support Ticket system, please send us an email on .

Not able to attach screenshots

In case your are not able to attach screenshots please update your JAVA engine of your browser.


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