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QPS Professional Services

QPS Professional Services provides you with comprehensive support whilst using our products at all stages of your projects.  Traditional survey businesses dealing with the following can benefit from the advice of our industry specialists:

  • new sensor integration, new data standards, new data formats for data delivery, workflow review
  • product training for new staff, accomplished operators, and those needing advanced insights into getting the best out of the products
  • bespoke application development or assistance writing your own plug-ins

Together we can outline the most reliable and cost-effective approach for your projects.  We offer professional support personnel whether you deal with data acquisition, data processing, data visualization and analysis or data sharing.

Our QPS Pre-Sales Consulting team supports you in evaluating our software for getting the most out of the QPS products you use.

With QPS Consulting Services we support you in the startup phase of your project.  In close cooperation with you, our QPS Consulting Services team determines the optimal method for getting started, setting to work and meeting contract requirements with our products, no matter what your focus: whether its revenue increases by additional deliverables or cost reduction by process optimization and better sensor integration. Our experienced experts guide you with workshops, installation audits, concept design and review.

In addition, our QPS Professional Services team supports you with implementing your concept to save you valuable time while using our tools, and use our knowledge and experience to meet your individual requirements in a fast, easy and cost effective fashion.

With QPS Training Services, we offer you an easy but enjoyable introduction into the areas of data collection, processing visualization and analysis, or sharing.  Our training courses are available online, as well as at our offices in The Netherlands, UK, USA and Canada, or at your offices and vessels.

QPS Support Services support you while operating your solution.  Our Support Services team assists you in fault diagnostics and resolutions: whether related to acquisition, processing, visualization or sharing data.

Our QPS Operating Services team works with you to complete certain deliveries.  Save the effort of  installing, operating or maintaining our products and let us be of service to you while you focus on other elements of your projects.

In More Detail:

QPS Pre-Sales Consulting:  A company that chooses to use our products is determined to change the course of their business.  They will enjoy the peace of mind coming from knowing that their data is safe and so can concentrate on the avenues to boost revenue.  Then comes a critical set of decisions: how to best monetarize the investment?  For which projects?  Exactly which tools to use?  The selected method will likely have an impact for a decade, if not longer.  Only when licenses are in the field of use will the company find out if the right decisions were made.  Therefore, this is no resolution to take lightly; you should own the rudiments of the technology, verify the options, consider the field and geographical markets you want to sell to.  If only you know where to lead your business, you might want a helping hand for the software protection aspects. QPS Pre-Sales Consulting Services supports you during this evaluation phase by streamlining your decisional process, highlighting the pros and cons of possible alternatives, and identifying potential weaknesses and areas for later improvement.  Our qualified team will transfer our industry, technical and product knowledge, and accompany you on your journey so that you can plan your next move with the necessary degree of confidence.

QPS Consulting Services:  For all cases where the company needs to accelerate the system implementation in a particular scenario, usually when processes are already in place, the company can avail itself of QPS Consulting Services.  QPS' experts will be available to analyze the specific requirements and suggest an effective governance.  In particular, there are three different approaches to collaboration that QPS provides:

Business Process Consulting:  We help you enhance your existing resources, reduce bottom line costs, improve automation and optimize back office and logistics.  Upon sharing the details of the current architecture, the goals for the future, the obstacles you are facing over the transition or the migration from a previous system, if any, our team of consultants can guide you through the complete management of the transition to QPS products.  We’ll explain how to setup, calibrate, collect, QA/QC, process, export and share project data.  A complete knowledge of the product components will escalate your business potential and help you meet your project targets.

Best Practices Consulting:  By consulting with our specialists, you make sure you end up with top-notch tools to acquire, process, visualize and share your data that takes into account all the latest traps, tricks, and best practices to exponentially increase the robustness of your investment.

Software Monetization Consulting:  We expedite software monetization through the introduction of carefully selected multiple licensing models.  Traditional software selling modalities don’t pay off these days any more; customers are more demanding and expect a personal touch paying only for the service they enjoy.  Similarly, marketing techniques have evolved, including those that are beneficial to the businesses like yours.  Our experts can guide you to the best mix.  Together we will evaluate the software requirement in relation to your market segments and the current business model.  The outcome is a refinement and multiplication of your license schemes to boost revenue growth.

QPS Professional Services:  QPS’ products represent the state of the art in software for marine geospatial projects of those available in the global market; they are user friendly and have been easily adopted by thousands of customers.  However, some projects have extra complications to hurdle.  For these projects, it’s critical that the company carefully consider whether to develop the complete architecture on their own or save resources and call in QPS Professional Service Experts.  Whether it is about supporting unusual sensors, uncommon file formats, extending the integration to other applications or realizing brand new features, QPS is ready to take the challenge.  Depending on the project specifications, the goal you intend to pursue and a common vision we might share, QPS will first submit a custom statement of work, followed by a proof of concept.  This course of action will leave enough room for objective definition and refinement along the development process.  QPS’ offices are located in The Netherlands, UK, the USA and Canada - the principal centers for innovation in marine geospatial software.  Through the cooperation with top leading educational, research institutions and leading sensor manufacturers, we can quickly resize our team and bring on board new members with the exact set of skills needed to perfect the solution you have envisioned.  QPS Professional Services are also available through our global partner network, so you can receive advice not just in your native language but also inclusive of local market requirements.


QPS Training Services:  When you start familiarizing with data acquisition, data processing, data visualization and analysis or data sharing, you might take advantage of educational classes that are designed to speed up your understanding of such matters and ultimately facilitate the adoption of our products and solutions.  QPS’ team has over twenty-five years of combined experience in successfully training companies from basic to advanced knowledge levels.  Whether you are a new user or a seasoned veteran considering migration, the impact of your decision will presumably be long-lasting.  A fully immersive dive into this world is set to give you all the key answers.  We have structured our academic curriculum as follows around three types of training sessions.

Open training seminars:  These training sessions open to groups at our headquarters and when possible we host online Webinars.  Duration varies, from a brief introduction/overview, to multi-day courses.  We focus on the fundamentals and reserve time for more in depth discussion.  Depending on your project, you can attend all or pick just the one that is the best match for you.

Individual training:  If our calendar doesn’t fit your agenda or you can‘t make it to one of our offices, you can book a training session when we will work one-on-one with your company.  You are free to join us at our headquarters or we will travel to your facilities (onshore or offshore) and provide you with a comprehensive training session.


QPS Support Services:  QPS makes every effort to ensure several product updates each year.  Latest versions typically include a balance of new functionality, sponsored developments and improvements as a result of feedback received.  QPS Support Ticket System: We have an Internet based support ticket system, JIRA.  With it QPS staff and customers are able to report issues or provide feedback, and then follow the progress of such items.  With QPS staffed support departments at our offices in Europe and North America, plus an excellent support network via our global network of regional business partners, and also up-to-date maintained documentation provided with the software products, QPS tries hard to ensure customers always get assistance with questions, feedback and possible workarounds.  QPS regularly organizes webinars and workshops, during which we share the news of latest developments and discuss best techniques.  QPS Annual Support program, includes: phone support during QPS office hours, regular updates with new functionalities, bug fixes and access to the QPS Support website.

In order of priority (JIRA (web based support ticket system) is our preferred support mechanism, followed by telephone, and lastly via email:

  • Support desk, JIRA support: Monitored office hours Monday – Friday.
    Tickets received outside of office hours will be collected, however no action can be guaranteed until the next working day, but see next regarding Support Engineer availability
  • Support desk, telephone support : office hours Monday – Friday.
    Calls received out of office hours will not be forwarded to a mobile phone and no effort will be made to answer / action the call
  • Support desk, Email support: last resort only, monitored office hours Monday – Friday.
    Emails received outside of office hours will be collected, however no action can be guaranteed until the next working day, but see next regarding Support Engineer availability


  • Support Engineer, onsite assistance - we strive to offer onsite assistance within 72 hours.
  • Developer/Programmer, onsite assistance - we strive to offer onsite assistance within 72 hours during the business week.

In support of services outlined, we endeavour to respond to Support Service related incidents and/or requests submitted by you within time frames prescribed in our QMS (details available on request):

  • (during business hours) for issues classified as Blocker priority.
  • for issues classified as Critical priority.
  • for issues classified as Major priority.
  • for issues classified as Medium priority.
  • hours for issues classified as Minor priority.
  • issues classified as Trivial/Undefined priority.

Furthermore, we endeavour to deliver Remote Assistance (TeamViewer or the like) in-line with the above time scales.


QPS Operating Services:  Even though owning outright QPS products might initially seem the correct choice, there are drawbacks to consider.  Hidden costs, like additional licenses or maintenance interventions, might actually result in unexpected and significant costs in the overall budget.  The alternative is renting licenses from QPS or one of its business partners.

Likewise, we can work with you to complete certain deliveries, or save you the efforts installing, operating or maintaining our products by letting us be of service to you while you focus on other elements of your projects. To this end, we offer:

  • Support Engineer (junior or senior), onsite assistance
  • Developer/Programmer (junior or senior), onsite assistance


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