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Do you have any questions regarding Fledermaus prices, its availability, software functionality, product evaluation or our partners? Or are you looking for a Fledermaus training course? Please check the following pages or email our sales team. For technical support click here.



The Fledermaus suite of software comes in a number of bundles and has been packaged to meet the requirements and workflows of our clients.
(see the FM Bundles Comparison Chart for more information)

FM Viz4D - Fledermaus 4D - Working in Space and Time

  • Intuitive high-resolution visualizations of data for analysis and interpretation, from multiple data formats and sources.
  • Time framework, full geo-spatial referencing, simplified surface creation, and integrated suite of quantitative tools.
  • Used by researchers, educators, content developers, outreach professionals, cartographers, illustrators, and marketing personnel.

FM Hydro – Beyond Charting - The Modern Hydrographic Workflow

FM Habitat - The Integrated Marine Habitat Toolbox

FM Offshore - Modern and Dynamic Tools for the Offshore Project

  • Tools for the planning, monitoring and review of seabed engineering and construction projects.
  • Enhance site investigations, identify geohazards, manipulate and analyze proposed route design information in an intuitive virtual environment.
  • Used by project surveyors planning projects, data processors, project engineers, site investigation teams, offshore surveyors and ROV supervisors.

FM Pro – The Ultimate Bundle

Optional Modules

Certain FM bundles include some of the optional modules listed below (see the FM Bundles Comparison Chart for more information). However they can be added to ANY bundle as an extra option.

FMGT (FMGeocoder Toolbox) – Cutting-edge Backscatter Processing

  • Creates corrected backscatter mosaics and semi-automated seafloor characterizations.
  • Integrated bathymetry and backscatter for data interpretation and analysis in Fledermaus and direct transfer to ArcGIS.
  • Used by geoscientists and technicians characterizing the seafloor.

FMMidwater – Get the Complete Picture

  • Intuitive and rapid extraction of features from huge multibeam and single beam water column data files.
  • Easy analysis in Fledermaus with multiple visualization metaphors – temporal beamline, fan, points, and volume objects.
  • Used by surveyors for obstruction detection, scientists in fisheries research, and earth scientists and oceanographers investigating oil and hydrate seeps.

FMGIS - Seamless Workflow with integration to ArcGIS Software

  • Create a direct two-way link from the Fledermaus module to a ArcGIS file, folder, personal, or ArcSDE Geodatabase; no need to import/export files.
  • Benefits users of both softwares: Fledermaus users gain access to the ArcGIS Geodatabase and suite of GIS tools, while ArcGIS users gain easy access to the robust suite of Fledermaus bathymetric data processing and validation applications.
  • Used by anyone who would benefit from a seamless flow between Fledermaus and an ArcGIS database: GIS professionals managing project databases, geophysicists and surveyors working on integrated offshore engineering projects, nautical charting authorities building and maintaining bathymetry information systems, and habitat mappers processing, interpreting and distributing integrated mapping projects.

ArcGIS For Maritime - Realize the Value of Your Bathymetric Data

  • Get a comprehensive view of your bathymetry data assets. Store data once, reuse it many times.
  • Manage your bathymetric data.
  • Work with metadata more easily.
  • Get the best available data.
  • Reduce the cost of data storage.
  • Access a Standard-Compliant, Interoperable, and Future-Proof Data Management System.
  • Make Your Data GIS Enabled!
    For further information on ArcGIS For Maritime, click here


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