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The offshore industry covers a broad range of work from seabed survey for geohazards to pipeline planning, laying, and inspection, and often involves a multi-disciplinary, multi-agency team. Surveys of multibeam bathymetry, multibeam backscatter, sidescan, water column, and sub-bottom information are often performed by contracted agencies. This data is provided, often in a decimated or “finished” format, to the site investigation team for further analysis, interpretation and processing. Final grid corridors and supporting slope, contour, or imagery information is then passed along to pipeline engineers.
Fledermaus provides teams involved in site investigation and development with an interactive 4D geo-spatial processing and analysis tool for data processing as well as the planning, monitoring and review of seabed engineering and construction projects. For the surveyor and data processor, Fledermaus can be used from the planning stage through data acquisition, product creation and delivery. Survey lines, LBL arrays, and ROV/AUV flight paths can be viewed in 3D prior to and during survey. During data acquisition and quality control stages, bathymetric data can be quickly loaded and visualized to evaluate the quality of the data, and rapidly identify artifacts. True 64-bit software and advanced backscatter processing techniques will take your backscatter data from dB values to a seafloor mosaic and a signal-based Angle Range Analysis(ARA)The FMGeocoder Toolbox (FMGT) product and ARA analysis originates from research by Dr. Luciano Fonseca at the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center at the University of New Hampshireseabed texture plot. Water column and CHIRP sonar information can be processed to reveal features such as sub-bottom horizons and gas seeps, which can be visualized or exported as XYZ data and contact reports. From the clean bathymetric data, Fledermaus can produce XYZ grids, contours, and sun-illuminated georeferenced bathymetric images that can be exported or transferred directly to anEsri ArcGIS® GeodatabaseArcGIS® trademark provided under license from Esrifor delivery in
the Seabed Survey Data Model. For the site investigations team, Fledermaus provides the option of working with the decimated grids, imagery and point files or delving back into the raw bathymetry, backscatter, or water column information. All data can be analyzed in one 3D (or even 4D, if time is an element) scene; gridded (XYZ) or ungridded bathymetry can easily be imported at its native resolution and supplemented with multivariate grids, design information, existing structure layout, backscatter and sidescan imagery, seismic curtains, or water column information. Rugosity and slope calculations can be performed to add another layer of information to the seabed, and instant interactive profiles generated anywhere on the surface.
For site development, Fledermaus’s interactive route design tools allow pipeline engineers to quickly generate a route using the best available bathymetry as well as all of the supporting imagery, slope, seabed, and design information. Routes can be viewed in 3D, giving the engineer full perspective. Cross- and along-track profiles with user defined spacing can be quickly generated for engineering analysis packages and plots.
All parts of the offshore team benefit from the visualization and product creation tools available in Fledermaus. The 4D interactive scenes created in Fledermaus can be distributed and viewed using the full software package or iView4D, the free Fledermaus file viewer, on your desktop or in full-stereo visualization centers. Fly-through movies of sites or proposed pipeline routes can be generated for distribution to project stake holders. Grid, point, line, image, and Google Earth export options as well as the seamless integration to ArcGIS® provide the option to easily integrate Fledermaus into your existing workflow.

For examples of Fledermaus being used by a company in the offshore industry, see the JP Kenny Offshore Routing and Survey Capability Profile.


Reproduced with permission of BP Exploration

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