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Do you have any questions regarding Fledermaus prices, its availability, software functionality, product evaluation or our partners? Or are you looking for a Fledermaus training course? Please check the following pages or email our sales team. For technical support click here.



iView4D is a free viewer for files in the Fledermaus file format. iView4D replaces the older iView3d and supports SD and Scene files created in Fledermaus 7 as well as being backwards compatible with version 6. This program contains only the basic viewing capabilities of Fledermaus but is freely downloadable at the bottom of this page. Sample datasets are also available that show some of the functionality of Fledermaus.
  • easier control of multiple SD objects in a scene and support for objects organized in hierarchies (from Fledermaus v7).
  • support for scenes that include time based visualization.
  • view data in the ".sd" or ".scene" format.
  • same powerful ShiftScapeTM rendering engine as used in Fledermaus.
  • supports almost all Fledermaus data types - DTMs, images, points, lines, models, etc.
  • easy to use widget based interface.
  • basic geo-referencing information.
  • vertical Exaggeration control.
  • show or hide the different objects in the scene.
  • support for split-screen stereo.

iView4D is currently available for Windows XP/Vista/W7 platforms, Linux, and Mac OS X. An OpenGL compatible card with good driver support is also required.


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British Freedom

Shipwreck near Halifax, Nova Scotia. Data provided courtesy of the Ocean Mapping Group, University of New Brunswick.

0.2 MB


A scene consisting of two DTMs used in a geological survey - one showing part of a volcano and the other showing the sea floor. From Oahu, Hawaii. Data provided courtesy of Dr. Jim Gardner (USGS).

3.3 MB


Scene containing a DTM of Portsmouth harbor, New Hampshire. Overlaid on the surface are a number of small DTMs created from sidescan sonar images. Data courtesy of the Shallow Survey Conference Common Data Set 2001 (CCOM - UNH).

7.1 MB


Three DTMs of the same region placed side by side in a scene. One DTM is colored by height, one using a backscatter image, and one using the gradient of the surface. Data courtesy of the Shallow Survey Conference Common Data Set 2001 (CCOM - UNH).

9.1 MB


Large scene of the area around Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire. Shows a height-mapped DTM of the harbour surrounded by a DTM consisting of a high-resolution aerial photograph draped onto a low-resolution terrain. Also contains two vertical images which show views of the harbour as seen from a ship (ShoreCam). Data courtesy of the Shallow Survey Conference Common Data Set 2001 (CCOM - UNH).

18.2 MB



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